Rose is already 2??

This is Rose. Rosalie Nicole Rinderknecht
She turned 2 on the 3rd of February.
This little princess belongs to my sister. I think she is perfect....even though she can be a mega stinker. like I said, she's 2.
She was the first grandchild on our side of the family and she is spoiled ROTTEN. I'm completely guilty of spoiling her. 
What are Aunts for??

I can't believe over 2 years has past since she was born and joined our family. She's so smart and the sweetest cousin and sister. 
I'm really glad we live close so I can steal her from her mother. She's my girl!!
Love you girlfriend.


The Rinderknects are growing

My beautiful sister showed up one day with a card and some cute new camo jammies for Jax. To my surprise and excitement the card said that Rose (my cute niece) was going to be a sister! A few weeks later we headed up the canyon to get some family shots and to get a couple announcement photos.

I might be biased, but I think my niece is the cutest girl ever! Just look at those giant blue eyes. I'm grateful that my sis always allows me to make photographs of her and her cute family.


Pennington Family

In winter of 2014 one of my amazing friends referred a family to me to take some christmas pictures. Lucky for me, I got a call THIS Christmas season as well for more photos!
It was freezing and those kiddos were so tough! Watching these guys grow up the last couple years has been really neat. I'm ready for another shoot with the Penningtons!



Well, it's summer again and I've come out of hibernating.  It's time to get this blog back in action! First and foremost, it's been awhile since my last post and now my little Jax is 11 months old. So i'm going to throw it back to Jax's first (of many) photo shoots.
I can't believe how much he's grown and developed. He's still the most precious soul on in the world. 
He was such a small little guy. He rocked the wrinkly old man look for a few months until he started chunking out. 

skinny baby fingers.

Look at that face! He has been a character from the start!

Jax had the pouty lips down. He was ready for all the kisses at a moments notice.


Jax's First Week On Earth

 Babies sleep A LOT. The time in between eating and sleeping is very short. I found myself snuggling up and trying to close my eyes when he did but, napping isn't my thing. (Don't worry, it is now!)
 This was our first evening home. I was exhausted from missing so much sleep/pushing a human out of my body. OOH i love those snuggles!
 Auntie Rach (who is a fantastic blogger over at simplyrachelnicole.com) bought me a moses basket for Jax to sleep in for one of my baby showers. I registered for it here at walmart.com. I liked how small it was compared to his huge crib. It worked very well, until he outgrew it. I'll definitely be using it again.

 Napping with Daddy was, and is, one of Jax's favorite activities.
We bought him some cute preemie clothes at Target here and here. I look at them now and cry...
 Caught a little grin!
 Look at all the loose skin! Cutest thing EVER.

 He had never lacked in the kisses department. He probably receives thousands a day.
 sometimes I would pump so Brady could feed Jax. He took his bottle like a champ from the start!
 Nana loves baby Jax. She steals him from anyone and everyone if she is around. I'm grateful for all the help she was to me the first week after my little man was born.

 We went to B's softball game when Jax was 6 days old. He loved being outside!!

 We took Jax out for a little spin in his stroller. It was really windy so he couldn't even see the beautiful view. (Sorry Brady's eyes are closed)
 Jax's first bath at home. He was so tiny and long.

 I love how babies know their mommy's voice. Jax would start looking around when I walked into the room to see me. P.S. look at his gigantic feet.
To say I love this boy is an understatement. He is the perfect addition to our family. I'm so grateful he chose us to be his parents.